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CSOP's Log

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:35 PM
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Woah. Okay. Realizing that this journal is probably gonna up for a while (the last one lasted two years) makes me a teeny-tiny bit apprehensive about how I should start this thing.

... But I guess this is as good an opener as any!

Right to business, then. Anime. Fairy Tail is back! Yay~ After a one year break, my regular Friday night anime has returned. Now to wait for SKET Dance (it's not happening~ quiet you). Hopefully, Shingeki no Kyojin will have it's second season too. I'm tired of spoiling myself over every awesome plot twist. I JUST WANT TO WATCH IT, OKAY? I predict that the second (third?) season will come out before the next episode of TFS Abridged. Totally realized that I'm jinxing it (that's part of the point). But for now, I'm content to keep to the same jokes as I watch other abridgeds and fan-stupidity. In other news, Free! is coming back this summer (wait, what? I watch it for the plot okay! The feels are real). As well as a new Sword Out Online, which I'm really hoping is as good as the FIRST season. Other than that, I am super behind on all the wonderful anime that's been coming out. Such is life. Maybe I'll marathon it all this summer :3 Good luck seeing any of me for at least a week. ...Yeah, nah. OH, and four letters: RWBY.

Next up on the list is video games! (By now, you may have figured out that I'm following the same order as before. So CDO...) Uhh... I've been playing stuff, but as I said, I don't have any time to really finish anything. It shames me to admit that... Well, not really, but-- I mean, come on! "Oh yeah, I've played through that game three times since it's release two months ago." I-- I, er... =_=. I finished Eternal Sonata, though (loved it~) and Portal 2 (I was sick that week). Ni no Kuni is at its final boss battle, and I completed all the side quests. I had to pause Fire Emblem: Awakening after I spent about fifteen hours straight playing it. And the only real progress I had with Pokemon Y was playing Pokemon-amie in the closet (don't judge. It was late and the light made it obvious that I was still awake...) And my Dunesfolf Lalafell, Kikiza Kiza, was a little ball of death with a bow by the time the trial period for FFXIV: ARR ended.

Shout out to Hyahigh! I haven't forgotten you! I just don't have the same time that I used to. I'll be back, I promise! Eventually... (and hopefully before the next power-up. My characters need to level!)

I'm sorry to say that books have probably suffered the most out of all my hobbies. Oh yeah, I'll pick up the occasional book, read it in a day or two, then forget to pick up another one. I'm reading my sister's writing, if that counts for anything? Sigh. I'm going back to my corner of shame now where I can guilt myself into picking up a book. ...In the weekend. Without homework...

IT'S SPRING NOW!!!!!!!!! That means that summer's not too far, right?

Oh yeah, and finally, my chinchilla. I should really put up pictures of her. Maybe. Se llama Xini (Chinny). I have no idea why I was so worried about having her as a pet. She's fantastic! She's two years old now. I've had her for about a year and a half. They live to be about twenty. Daww, she so fluffy~ I still love my dog. He's one of the best companions when you've had a hard day. And if he knows I'm not feeling well, he'll follow me around and sleep in my general vicinity. He too is quite fluffy (not like FLUFFY fluffy, but more like lab-puppy fluffy).

This is normally where I would end the journal, but there's a couple more things I want to write about. For one, life at the moment is kind of scary and uncertain. I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't at least one time each day where I had to admit that I was afraid. It's not something I like to show; sometimes, I regard it as a weakness. "Conceal it, don't feel it, don't let it show." That's Frozen, btw, in case you lived under a rock for the past few months. Yes, I know that the point of the movie was to show that love will conquer fear, and that fear cannot be tamed by hiding it but... Why would I allow MY problems to affect others? I'm still in the process of learning that people have this capacity for caring. It's a hard lesson. Human kindness is disarming. But slowly, I'm starting to understand. I'm starting to understand that friends exist, that they always had, that they aren't just vague reflections of a person's true and more sinister nature. I'm starting to understand that people can be friends for more than just pity, and that I don't have to earn someone's friendship. It's their's to freely give. Friends care. And no matter what you're going through, there is always someone who understands, who has been through the same. You are never alone. Never.

There are no words to describe the depth of emotion this brings me. 

To all my friends, from all my life, even those I only knew for a brief time, and those I feared or tried to forget: Thank you. And know that this thanks holds all the weight of my (slightly unstable) emotions.
To those who tried to push me down, who never expected that I could get back up, who laughed behind my back, but smiled to my face: I'm still standing. And I will continue to stand as long as I never forget the love I was shown.
And to myself: You try too hard, you worry too much, you analyze every little detail. You don't have to. Relax. Sometimes, it's okay to be afraid.
And to the anonymous reader: I'm really sorry you had to read all that. Please, just... ignore everything past the word "fluffy."

Resume normal emotional level: WHY DID I WRITE SO MUCH NO ONE WANT'S TO READ ALL THIS?!?!! Meap meap meap meap meap. This is gonna be up for a very long time along with that random emotional speech that I should probably just delete but it actually came out quite eloquently and don't I have homework to be doing what in the world am I doing wasting my time writing to the INTERNET!? Gah, nevermind. If ANYONE managed to get through all that, in effect, YOU, please go and treat yourself to a cookie. Unless you're allergic to cookies. I'm not responsible for you.



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